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- rhymes with "cycle cow"- noun -

1. comedian

2. writer

3. paramedic

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My anaconda prefers to be called Reptile-American.


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RIP Dot Matrix & Barf

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie.

The game done officially changed.

The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it.
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Hey y’all, it’s only the first week of training camp for Cuffing Season 2014, so please hydrate, and don’t get distracted over draft rumors.


Fuck you
Fuck the plane you flew in on
Fuck them shoes
Fuck the socks with the belt on it
Fuck yo gay as fairyfaggotyass accent 
Fuck them cheap ass cigars 
Fuck yo yuck mouth teeth
Fuck yo hairpiece 
Fuck yo chocolate
Fuck Guy Richie 
Fuck Prince William
Fuck the Queen
This is america. My president’s black and my lambos blue nigga, now get the fuck out my hotel room and if I see you in the street, I’m slappin the shit outta you

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Creative Illustrations Combine Dali, Hitchcock, and Poe with Their Own Creations

In this set of illustrations, Chile-based artist Pancho Vásquez takes famous surrealist artist Salvador Dali, writer Edgar Allan Poe, and film director Alfred Hitchcock, and creatively incorporates them with notable scenes, characters, and objects from their own creations.

I hate when a song on the radio makes me remember someone I’d prefer to forget, kinda like the people equivalent of Glenn Danzig’s nipples.